Entry #7

Christmas is here!- wait, it's over?

2017-12-27 22:06:21 by GeeksquadTunes

This is ridiculous. How can Christmas be over already?! I propose a plan of action! I have created a remix of the classic (and somewhat cliche) Carol of the Bells. It's for me, for you, and for everybody else to enjoy if you're getting the post-Christmas blues. Enjoy!

And on a side note, I'll have another song uploaded before New Year's. Another BOSS FIGHT, baby! It won't be the one I was planning on, but it'll be just as good. I was experimenting with Earthbound's overdriven guitar soundfont. That's all I'll say for now, so enjoy the extended Christmas! (And phooey on anyone who says it's too late for Christmas songs XD



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