2017-04-03 12:07:47 by GeeksquadTunes


To those who follow my current style of music, I am beginning a new phase/era/style/whatever that shall surely blow away everything I have previously created.

I have a new song that is coming very soon, (like within a day or so), and it includes the same type FM growls that SeamlessR would use. I am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY with the end result of this song. AND, for an added spoiler, its name is Bouncing Lava. I do believe that everyone will agree with me when I say that this song will send Void to the Box of Shame. And yes, that is hinting at the fact that I threw in Steve Carell's famous "NOOO!!" right before the drop.

And about the other songs I hinted at previously, they might never see this website's upload page because they would cramp my new style. Sorry about that...



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